Full Mouth Reconstruction FAQs

What does full mouth reconstruction involve?

Full mouth reconstruction aims to restore good dental health and function, including teeth and gums. A full mouth reconstruction addresses a wide range of issues that have resulted in multiple damaged or missing teeth as well as possible damage to the soft tissues and jawbone. The procedures used vary from patient to patient because each individual has different dental problems and restoration needs.

Is a full mouth reconstruction like a smile makeover?

No. A full mouth makeover restores health and function to your mouth and is medically necessary. A smile makeover focuses on improving the aesthetics of your smile. We often use certain cosmetic procedures, such as veneers or braces, in full mouth reconstruction to ensure your teeth function properly and look good.

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Due to health issues, I have difficulty sitting in a dental chair for a long time. Can I still have full mouth restoration?

Certainly! Many patients undergo full mouth reconstruction in stages for their comfort. Drs. Alex, Williams, and Woo are known for their friendliness and caring, and for treating each patient with the compassion and respect they would want to receive. If you need to take a break, they are happy to oblige and will go at your pace. They put your comfort above all else so that you are relaxed and comfortable during each dental procedure.

What are the treatment options for full mouth reconstruction?

Among the procedures that may be involved in full mouth reconstruction are:

Is full mouth reconstruction painful?

Our dentists numb the area during any dental reconstruction procedure and may give you sedation. You do not feel any pain during the process. There may be some pain and swelling in the following few days, but this can be controlled with non-narcotic pain relievers.

How long does full mouth reconstruction take?

It depends on how many procedures are needed and the recovery times for each. Most full mouth restorations take at least a few months, and some may take up to a year. We explain the timeline to each patient at their initial consultation.

What is recovery like following full mouth reconstruction?

It depends on the treatments utilized. There is very little recovery time following the placement of crowns. However, dental implants require several months for osseointegration of the implants in the jawbone. At your initial consultation, we will devise a treatment plan and review what to expect from the recovery process.

Please feel free to contact us at Main Line Dental Group Phone Number 610-971-0717 to schedule a consultation regarding a full mouth restoration. We are happy to answer any of your questions.