In-House Laboratory

Specialized Technology, Superior Care

What helps set Main Line Dental Group apart is our own leading-edge, in-house dental laboratory, which allows us to offer the ultimate in quality control for our patients. With technology at the forefront and our own lab technologist experienced in offering a variety of restorations, we offer an advantage rarely found elsewhere.

Our laboratory combines old world craftsmanship with state of the art computer design and milling center all in house. The synergy allows us to deliver stunning cosmetic dentistry but also a precision level of accuracy and fit because of our digital technology.

state of the art computer design and milling center

Handcrafted to Perfection

At Main Line Dental Group, we pride ourselves on providing the most comprehensive and advanced care to our patients. Using our Zirkonzahn® milling machine alone with specialized Zirkonzahn® software, we can fabricate provisionals for same-day dental implant solutions as well as highly custom final restorations using high-end, long-lasting and natural-looking materials. Zirconia bridges are the more natural-looking solution that also offers durable and lasting function for years to come.

In-House Laboratory

High-End, Natural-Looking Aesthetics

In the past, clinicians sent crowns and bridges out to a dental lab and wait while the dental lab would make the restoration and send it back. Thankfully, modern advancements have made it possible to repair a broken tooth or replace a missing one with a dental crown in as little as one affordable appointment with CEREC® technology. With this technology, we can place dental crowns and bridges quickly and conveniently with high-quality porcelain restorations created right here in our office.

Our lab is able to craft high-end natural-looking restorations while you relax in the dentist’s chair! Same-day crowns and bridges are a reality with our CEREC® system. A single visit is all you need to restore your smile!

Dr. Williams and staff in the In-House Laboratory

Personalized long-Lasting Results In Less Time

We are renowned for the quality and artistry of our work; creating beautiful, lasting smiles for our patients. Having an in-house lab with the absolute latest technologies and an experienced team on staff allows us to personalize and create highly tailored teeth that match your facial aesthetics with unmatched clinical outcomes. With the ability to customize each restoration in house, we can stain and shape teeth while you wait so you leave with a smile you truly feel confident in.

Eliminate the need for multiple visits. Come experience how an in-house dental lab at Main Line Dental Group can shorten your treatment time and extend the benefits of natural-looking aesthetics.