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Photo showing a smiling, confident older male denture patient in Wayne PAAs a result of the popularity and success that the use of dental implants has had, the need for the fabrication of complete dentures has dramatically been reduced. It is rare that complete Maxillary and Mandibular removable dentures are fabricated today. Unless a patient has significant systemic health concerns or significant past dental problems that preclude the use of dental implants most patients are choosing the use of implants and the fabrication of prostheses either fixed or retained by dental implants.

The standard of care, today, does not include the use of completely removable appliances for the edentulous patient. Instead, removable appliances are being fabricated that are being retained either by conventional or mini-type implant fixtures. There are several reasons for this. First, with the aid that implants provide for the retention of these appliances, comfort and functionality of the appliances has been increased. Further, as a result of the retentive aid of the implants, the removable appliances can be made smaller; often times eliminating palatal coverage for many patients. This not only improves functionality, but taste sensation and speech functions as well. Finally, placement of implants in the remaining alveolar bone provides sufficient stimulation to inhibit significant bone resorbtion. This reduces the number of times a denture needs to be relined in order to maintain fit and retention and also allows for more predictable fit and retention over the long term.

Thus, while full arch appliances are being fabricated today, their design has been significantly altered due to the ability to retain them with multiple implant options. Further, given the success implants have achieved, the need to fabricate completely removable, full arch appliances has been dramatically reduced.

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