How Main Line Dental Group Uses Innovative Technologies To Transform Your Smile

Missing teeth? Unhappy with your smile? The secret to a new, natural smile lies in the kind of cutting-edge technology that we use at Main Line Dental Group in Wayne PA. Thanks to decades of research and continual advancements, our restorative and cosmetic dentistry remains ahead of the curve. We keep drilling and cutting to a minimum and implement 3D scanners and computer-aided design and manufacturing techniques at every opportunity. Your safety and comfort are our number one goal.

As a frontrunner in the use of highly advanced forms of modern technology, we at Main Line Dental Group have invested in state-of-the-art equipment in order to make dental procedures as safe, fast, and comfortable as possible. We know that missing or damaged teeth can affect every area of a person’s life, so waiting days or weeks for a fix can be frustrating, especially if your final restorations do not fit comfortably or match your existing teeth.

Read on to learn more about the top dental technologies we use to provide next-level care for our patients.

In House Dental Lab with Zirkonzahn Milling Machines

Main Line Dental Group is equipped with an on-site dental lab with premium tools and Zirkonzahn milling machines that enable us to offer a wide range of dental prosthetics, such as crowns, bridges, and implant solutions, quickly and comfortably. With a focus on research and development, Zirkonzahn products continue to improve, consistently enabling us to create the highest quality of dental restorations. Zirkonzahn’s values of innovation, creativity, and development, led to the invention of the manual milling machine, sintering kilns, and the CAD/CAM system that have been proven over time. With our advanced scanning and milling technologies, we create treatment plans that produce top-notch experiences.

What makes our Zirkonzahn milling machine superior?

Excellent quality zirconia is the cornerstone of excellent restoration production. Our milling unit combines the vast experience in the CAD/CAM and zirconium technology, and is a first-in-class dental restoration machine with integrated wet processing functions that allow it to process both hard and soft materials. Equipped with the proven simultaneous axes and orbital systems, the Zirkonzahn machine makes it possible to mill hard to access areas. This allows, in addition to the standard indications, such as individual crowns, inlays, onlays, or veneers, the production of occlusally screw-retained bridges, attachments, or bars. We can, therefore, produce in a single milling process the various components of tooth restorations with excellent quality and precision.

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CEREC One-Visit Restorations

CEREC same-day dental restorations allow our dentists to plan, produce, and place an individual ceramic crown at your first (and only) visit. During this efficient and highly reliable process, we acquire a 3D image of your tooth and send it to our in-house dental lab for the precise design of your restoration. Our CEREC solutions are made to last a lifetime and have proven to be a game changer when it comes to saving smiles and restoring teeth on the go.

CAD/CAM—computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing—is a technology that allows our dental lab to generate a design (CAD) for a new crown and a model with guidelines to manufacture it (CAM). The special software uses data from a digital scan of a tooth to create 3D images for a design and manufacturing plan. Our office pairs CAD/CAM with our in-house milling machine to create crowns and implant solutions with precision and accuracy.

The process of getting crowns or other restorative options with CAD/CAM are completed in one office visit and do not need to be outsourced to a laboratory. This innovative new technology:

  • Improves accuracy.
  • Requires shorter waiting periods.

From your initial diagnosis to final treatment, we use technological advancements that have substantially improved the quality of dental services that we can provide to our patients. The highly advanced medical devices in our office at Main Line Dental Group allow us to better assist our patients, and we guarantee a comfortable fit and a natural look as we customize your personalized treatment. This is the Main Line Dental Group experience. We are here to help you to achieve your oral health goals with the most advanced technology available today.

3D Imaging and Scanning

We use cone beam computed tomography (CBCT), the newest innovation in imaging, to take highly accurate images of the anatomical structure of your teeth, bones, and nerves. 3D imaging with cone beam is a CT scan system that generates high-definition x-rays of your oral cavity within seconds. We use this revolutionary technology to gather precise details and accurately diagnose before creating treatments plans that are tailored to your unique case.

CBCT provides information not available when using tradition x-rays. Our 3D imaging system allows our doctors to:

  • Gain visual access to every angle.
  • Eliminate guesswork in measuring and positioning implants.
  • Analyze nerve, sinus, and roots positions before surgery.
  • Determine best treatment options.

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